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Louie Lee to Inspire and Entertain as Guest Speaker and Performer at TEDx

Detroit, September 28th - Louie Lee, the innovative artist and country music pioneer, is set to captivate audiences as the guest speaker and performer at the upcoming TEDxDetroit event on September 28th. The event promises an engaging and memorable experience as Louie Lee shares his journey of blazing his own trail in the music industry and pioneering the genre known as "country hop and roll." Additionally, he will perform his latest single, "Borrowed Time," a musical masterpiece that blends his signature styles to perfection.

Louie Lee's mission is clear: he's on a quest to introduce country music to new audiences and help them discover the genre for the first time. With a passion for authenticity and an innovative spirit, Louie Lee seamlessly fuses the soulful essence of country music with the energetic and captivating Detroit sound. He doesn't just play music; he creates a unique musical experience that transcends boundaries and speaks to the hearts of diverse audiences.

Louie Lee will offer valuable insights into his extraordinary journey, highlighting the challenges and triumphs he's faced in carving out a unique path in the music industry. Audiences can expect an inspiring narrative of artistic self-discovery, the evolution of his signature style, and the dedication required to remain authentic in a genre that's constantly evolving.

The musical performance of Louie Lee's newest single, "Borrowed Time," is a testament to his groundbreaking approach to music, combining the roots of country with the vibrant spirit of Detroit, creating a fresh sound that is both familiar and groundbreaking.

"Louie Lee's appearance at TEDxDetroit will be a memorable and enlightening experience for our audience," said Aman Sahi, Louie Lee’s manager team. "Louie Lee's ability to bridge the gap between country and Detroit sound is truly exceptional, and we are thrilled to be part of TedxDetroit."

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About Louie Lee: Louie Lee is an innovative artist and country music pioneer known for his unique fusion of country and Detroit sound, creating a genre he calls "country hop and roll." With his commitment to authenticity and a fresh take on traditional country music, Louie Lee is reshaping the landscape of the genre.

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