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Sometimes change rips through and changes things forever.  For Louie Lee, change ripped through his youth multiple times. His parents' marriage fell apart when he was just a child, leading him to grow up in a trailer park outside of Detroit, watching his mother work tirelessly as she held down 3 jobs to make ends meet. Witnessing her efforts Louie Lee learned the importance of drive and to never give up, even with his own struggle with hearing impairment. 

Within the tightly-knit trailers surrounded by the hum of cars on the highway and the gritty sounds of Detroit. Louie Lee found a sense of community which inspired multiple perspectives leading to a diversification of music styles over the years, from metal, hip hop, rock, pop, and country. 

But it wasn't until his Grandfather’s passing would he find a new voice. A voice which would win him the "Song of the Year" award at the Detroit Music Awards in 2022 and inspire a massive explosion of songs built on his story of hard work, determination, and a relentless commitment to his craft. Louie Lee’s voice is the centerpiece of his music, expressive and emotive with a raw honesty that is captivating. The sound Louie Lee dubbed “Country Hop & Roll” is an amalgamation of the genres which inspire him. 

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At the heart of Louie Lee's music is a deep understanding of the changing human experience. With songs exploring all corners of life, he tackles lyrical concepts absent from country music. Each song is like a story, unfolding with a sense of intimacy and a special vulnerability.  His ballads consist of subjects rarely seen broached and delivered with thought provoking metaphors. His high-energy anthems explore subjects like individual values and blue collar Midwest grit.  An energy you can raise a glass and pump your fist too. 


As a result Louie Lee is empowering an audience who wouldn't traditionally listen to country music.  Building an audience full of fans new to the country genre and those who are not. The former are welcoming country music into their life for the first time, and the latter are welcoming Louie Lee as a country artist into theirs, changing their experience and perception of country music. 

But Louie Lee's music isn't just about the lyrics, it's also about the sound. Musically, Louie Lee songs are built around his voice, with arrangements that allow the lyrics to shine. His use of 808 bass adds a modern edge to his country-inflected sound. The songs have a pulse which can be felt to the overtones of country twang, bringing a sense of energy to his music that is impossible to ignore. 

Louie Lee's live shows are just as captivating as his music. With visuals that perfectly complement each song, the excitement level is high, and his fans are fully engaged, singing and screaming along to every word. It's no wonder that his live shows are considered addicting. 

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